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Sofia Boutella

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July 15/ Love seeds


A year ago today I boarded a plane in London to fly home to my mother who was sick. I have been back in my hometown for a year now. Six months of job searching. Six months of working. It’s been a hard year. And has made me ask: What is love?


Love probably means a combination of both — acceptance (of family) yet going one’s own way.


Anytime I have questions about what the right thing to do is, about ethics. The answer always come back to, what I call, Big Love — loving the way our Oma taught us to – unconditionally, based on faith. 

Yet this is hard. There are no accolades or applause and you only end up looking strange. This is where faith comes in. 

Doing what I think was right. Cost me. But maybe there will be good that will come of this?


"Only grandchildren can see through the souls of their grandmothers."

- Ahona Panda

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